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Easy 5-step
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  • 01


    Our design team looks into your target audience, studies their behavior, and looks into your competitors. This gives them the framework for developing tactics and strategy to achieve your desired goals and meet objectives.

  • 02


    Based on the findings of the above mentioned research phase and design brief, our designers create multiple logo concepts. After you choose one concept, our professional design team will begin creating the design.

  • 03


    Our design team will create draft of the project. This draft is for the purpose of showing you what your design/logo will look like. This will be reviewed by you for any optimizations that might be deemed necessary.

  • 04


    After you receive the above mentioned draft, you will tell us what you think works, what needs changing. This may include fonts, colors and designs. We will be happy to assist you with whatever may require attention.

  • 05


    After the revisions are done and the everything is finalized, we complete and submit the project in the designated time as it was illustrated in the approved brief.

A logo designed for your business, as per your requirements.

Our design team works tirelessly to design the perfect logo for your business, exactly as you see it in your mind. It will be unique and will represent your business as you want it to. At Visual, you get you what you pay for.

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What you invest in

Once the project has been completed, all formats, fonts and colors will be provided so that you can use your logo effectively across all platforms.

  • Your final files

    Once the project has been completed, you get the final files within 24 hours via email. These include 11 formats including vector files of your logo along with fonts and colors. This makes using and reproducing the logo as and when required quite easy.

  • Quality of your logo files

    The quality of your files is assured as they are of HD quality. These are completely editable and can be reproduced without any fear of pixelation. All relevant colors and fonts are included so that the file can reproduced for any sort of application.

  • Colors

    RGB and CMYK color codes are sent with the package so that exact replication and matching is possible. As these are the most common color types, additional printing costs are avoided.

  • Fonts

    We also include true type font files so that your design and communication is in sync. These fonts are printable exactly as they appear on the screen and can be reproduced exactly as seen for any digital applications as well.

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