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Although large companies have a specific graphic design department, most SMEs do not have their own graphic designers on their staff. In companies where there is no large volume of graphic work, it is usual to hire a graphic designer on a contractual basis whenever there is a need to carry out a graphic project. But, how to choose the right graphic designer for our company and project without making mistakes? If you find yourself in this situation, we indicate what factors you should consider selecting a professional graphic designer in this post.

Keys to choosing a graphic designer

Remember that it is important that you, as a client, are satisfied with the choice of your graphic designer. Still, it is also important to open channels of effective communication with the designer to have all the necessary material to do his job well. Knowing how to do your order well and transmit to the designer all the information necessary for the graphic project’s correct development is important to guarantee success. Only with this client-designer affinity will the professional relationship favor both of you, the trust will be full, and the result of work of the highest quality.

5 benefits of outsourcing in graphic design

Outsourcing is the action in which a company subcontracts specific tasks or services to another outside firm. Outsourcing is a growing business reality that provides corporations with some exciting benefits.


1.       Improve productivity


It occurs especially in companies that need graphic design and creativity services, although they are not specifically dedicated to this business area. By leaving in expert hands services that are not essential in their sector, they can develop their business strengths and become more competitive and efficient. Outsourcing allows applying talent and resources to key areas of a business, and outsourcing services that are not profitable for the company can be carried out internally.


2.       Increase flexibility


The company that outsources services responds more quickly to changes in the economic and work environment.

Outsourcing allows you to easily adjust the supply of services to market demand, increase or reduce graphic services in a simple way, avoid selecting new personnel in good times, or reduce staff in worse economic times.


3.       Reduce fixed costs


When outsourcing graphic design, you only pay for specific services that are agreed with the designer. If the company wanted to provide such graphic services internally, it should have its own graphic and advertising department that would entail fixed costs for the entity, regardless of whether the design department received orders or not.


4.       Reduce times


Outsourcing designers specialize in several small graphic services that they do very well. Their experience means that they have advanced computer programs and well-developed and implemented work processes. This allows the graphic creative to save time in carrying out the work and offer their services at a lower price than for the company to develop it internally.


5.       Increase the quality of service


In many cases, outsourcing improves the delivery time and the final quality of the graphic design. The outsourcing company benefits from the designer’s expertise and experience to offer a higher quality graphic service in less time and without the need to train internal company personnel continuously.


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