Designing A Finance Website That Best Conveys To The Audience

A website design of any financial institution is the actual foundation ground for their digital marketing. It is key that the website will stand as a reflection of your brand that presents your products/customers’ offering. In respect to this subject, we spoke with a leading digital design agency, “Visual Design Inc.,” that has been flourishing greatly in respect to providing excellence in customer conversions via substantial website designs for numerous finance brands. Services attained from Visual Design Inc. will ensure that your finance website design is best conveyed to the audience.

The difference in the UX and UI when creating a finance website

Like many are intrigued to know what exactly, ‘website design’ means, mainly regarding the users and conversions. After inquiring from a number of agencies specifically when spoken to a digital design agency Visual Design Inc. who was able to shed intriguing light on the aspects. Stating that a good website design should initiate by focusing on its User Experience “UX”. UX’s process starts with research, analysis, and ascertaining the best user experience for both your financial institution and the customer or end-user. Once done properly establishing a good UX following, a UI designer takes over. UI design is referred to as “User Interface”. A UI designer takes over to work on a design hierarchy and looks into the techniques through which the users will engage to achieve the desired conversion.

When designing a website for finance brands to attain higher conversions, and digital design agency will first say that it is essential for the financial institution to take on the sheer extensiveness of conversions that they are trying to achieve. For instance, a bank could have half a dozen totally diverse conversion funnels that they are looking to achieve via its website. Such as signing up to create a bank account, applying for a credit card or loan. For a competent digital design agency, creating a website requires a lot of effort to simplify and streamline the entire experience for the users. For example, the finance website’s homepage will require to provide multiple variant options for the user. Creating it to be very challenging for any UX or UI designer to create the simplest possible ways for the user to navigate the website to avail their preferred service”.

The importance of Wire-framing carry while designing a finance website?

Wire-frames, basically, is a design slogan that almost everyone has heard. Though the main question here is what are wire-framing and how important are they. Wire-framing is catered to before countering the actual design process. Wire-framing is a way that is used to illustrate the construction of the website. It is also a method used to map out the user’s requirements, journey, and experience. As a finance content digital design agency, wire-framing is chiefly helpful. It lets us work carefully with financial institutions/ brands to best structure their website’s that will successfully convey to the audience. This definitely means that every small change can also be ironed out before the design since even the smallest detail can lead to major structural changes to the website’s design. A design can take place to work over the top wire-frames making them visually appealing.

Top 5 Tips When Designing a Finance Website

They are several tips and guidelines that aid websites but specifically, if these 5 mentioned tips are focused on, surely the best conversions will be attained by the finance sites. These design procedures have their aids, though eventually, the product you are offering and the quality of its service will ensure the conversion rate and how it will convey toward your customers.

Count your clicks

It is very beneficial and always helpful to keep in mind the number of clicks that users use to reach the place they intend to arrive. It is highly emphasized that extra pages or steps should be entirely avoided if they are unnecessary.

Homepage- Acts as your shopfront.

Even as a finance website, it is important to draw the user. It is highly possible to engage by creating a simple homepage. That easily outlines what the brand does and directs the user towards where they require to go.


It’s crucial to provide clear calls-to-action. At the same point, it is also important to consider a hierarchy of CTAs. The most important CTA is to try a button that stands out against the rest of the site (e.g., a dark button on a majoritively white or bright themed website.) And for the secondary buttons, you can use either a key line button or a button that uses the site’s color. Though for the less important buttons, use a grey fill with the website color for the text.

The imagery makes or breaks a Website.

Avoid cheesy, badly-lit stock imagery if you choose to use stock photos. Instead, opt for high-quality and natural-looking images. The best option is to create your own imagery that best features and presents your service/ product.

Mostly encountered design mistakes that should be avoided.

A slow site does not convert.

If you choose to have large or many imageries on your finance website, be sure that your site can handle it. A slow loading time will surely have a negative impact on your overall conversion. So, keep it as simple as possible. Ensure that your message is vividly clear and do not overload the user with lots of info or jargon. Highly consider the language and imagery that you use.

Trust is everything

Users need to feel that your brand is trustworthy, so your site must communicate like a real, genuine, and that it already has a good amount of residing satisfied customers. And this can be achieved via the site’s imagery by including quotes/ testimonies from satisfied customers.

The audience is less likely to convert if you’re asking for a lot of info. Form Stack found that reducing forms to 10 fields or less leads to increased conversions of approximately 120%.

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