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Due to inevitable reasons, last year was not the best year, and since then, things have been very challenging for everyone. Even though we all had a less than ideal start, this new decade is already screaming and forcing every brand to rebrand. This is the very reason we at Visual Design Inc. are especially implementing a few ideal logo design concepts that will certainly meet every business’s requirement even in this challenging year 2021.

As a leading and widely demanded logo design company, we have been researching and adapting the most resulting trends from designers. Various brands from across the globe have highly reviewed us. Due to our spread out market present and popularity, we have been able to secure some of the most potential designers, and even before you associate with us, you can always speak with one of our representatives and ask to view our portfolio. Our portfolio will clearly provide you a vivid idea of the kind of work and professionalism we display.

Since each year, we at Visual Design ensure publishing write-ups that feature the most effective logo design trends, while our primary goal is consistently to keep innovation at a peak priority. Our designers explicitly focus on reinvention via the adaption of newer technologies. It is important to adapt to newer and compelling trends in order to make the business world feel your brand’s presence.

Before beginning, it is vital to clarify to the readers that a few trends listed below will be no surprise to you or a secret that features such as minimalism continue to be a popular trend. Especially when it comes to rebrands a business in the current year, 2021 brands are suggested to play it safe and think smartly rather than rely on many of the older preferred design styles.

1- Minimal and Simplicity in Logo Designs Are Key

Certainly, there is no secret that complicated logos and concepts are not the way to go with. Simplicity and minimal logo designs have very well been popular for quite a long time now. This is why you must have experienced that logos are getting much simpler as the years go on over time.

Though the long-standing trend of creating simpler logos will not go anytime soon, the trend was so widely implemented that we have seen various companies go ahead and make their logos even simpler with time. Based on the acceptance and proven track, it is very much expected that the concept of minimal logo designs in the year 2021 and further years will continue.

Design simplicity for us at Visual Design is a key principle even our designers ensure to look for ways to make your logo as unique yet straightforward and enticing as possible without overcomplicating any aspect. Since we cater to a very diverse range of clients, we operate based on the clients’ requirements.

When it comes to creating logo designs, we believe that it is not about what is added but what you can be taken away while still communicating effectively and being memorable to your targeted audience. This is a crucial aspect since it ensures that your design will remain legible and appropriate, and that is exactly what we consider to be the best and most effective logo design.

2- Wordmark Logo Designs Are Also Found to Be Highly Efficient

Wordmarks have been around forever, so it is not a relatively new style on the rise. The entire design concept is to either use the brand’s name and ahead styling it uniquely, presenting it uniquely to represent the brand best. Hence the term “Wordmark” is when a brand name is used as an identity mark for the brand.

At Visual Design, we have innovative and highly skilled Logo designers who are progressing and establishing various ways to push the boundaries. So, that wordmark logo design never gets old. We have several brands dropping their icons while they consistently opt for the route of the wordmark. We adjust custom types by cleaning their overall designs to a much-simplified touch.

It is predicted that this trend will continue even ahead of 2021 since a well-designed wordmark when created to perfection according to a brand’s precise requirement it plays out as a remarkably viable form for logos.

3- Inventive Typography Logo Designs in 2021

We certainly have viewed a profound shift in the trend of inventive typography. Applying a wordmark logo has allowed modern logo designers to become even more innovative in typography. They are best applied to emphasize a brand’s persona using an inventive typography design solution. The thing note-worthy about inventive typography is that even the most straightforward standard font can help establish the most obscure logo concepts.

The key to inventive typography is to have an incredible imagination and an open mind! This is why we provide an open leisure space for our designers to be as innovative as possible and so that their creative juices flow. Though we are sure even with all our innovative aspects flowing, we ensure staying true to create a legible logo design and easy to perceive for the targeted audience.








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