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The most commonly occurring issues that should be avoided when catering to a responsive web design are considerable seven in number, and each will be addressed in this content below. The reason to consider and take note of these common seven faults has become quite important in this modern era. Even when attaining professional assistance to achieve a responsive web design, the clients/ customers must understand what they should be looking into to gain from the responsive web designing services.


Indeed, the digital world is altering drastically and dynamically quite spontaneously. In such a case, if you are considering to either develop or create your business boom on the online platforms, then for sure, there are a few very crucial things that you most definitely need to consider and remember.


A responsive web design is the most primary element for any website to rank on the search engine’s landing page. As a growing brand, it is essential to be extremely careful about each bit and aspect that can carry immense importance on an overall scale. In this residing digital era, one can not ignore both these elements on a website: Firstly, the User’s Experience and Secondly Readability as they both highly matter.


You can be assured when Visual Design Inc. carries out responsive web design services, we most definitely consider each of these seven elements, and we eliminate these faults to provide our clients with the very best responsive website.

1- Unstructured Content

Exterior appearances do matter in the layout of a website content since visitors take note of it as the first very thing when they view a website. Though, various companies have specific sorts of requirements that indeed are distinct in their layout. It is yet essential for these websites to still project a high amount of creativity and attraction instead of prevailing to be a messy looking site. Ensure that your website captures and entices the right eyeballs (targeted audience).

2- Perfect Color Choices

This is not a perception, but viewers do indeed get enticed when the correct syndicate color combinations are applied on a website. Such minor things should not be neglected, such as the chrome combination implied should be in accordance with the market/ industry target while also matching your logo. This is where our proficient designers at Visual Design Inc. will contribute their expertise by perfectly projecting and contributing the color combinations on your website.

3- Avoid Additional Images and Animations

Today, several businesses hold an incorrect perception that people get attracted to animation, but an irrelevant or too much is certainly a put-off. Though we highly recommend using minimal images that impulse your text, but not at the expense of the website’s speed. Do keep in mind that the more animation you employ, the more time it will take your website to load, which is certainly a downer for your customers or viewers.

4- Unnecessary Window Pop-Ups

Avoid any additional unnecessary window pop-ups that would simply act as an annoyance for your customer. Even though site owners use the window pop-ups to gain higher traffic, it is still essential to use this feature smartly and appropriately. Though when used efficiently, it can smartly be used to keep your users’ entailed and interested in your business throughout.

5- Broken Links

If you are familiar with blogging and website over time, you must also become aware of the importance of links. Links generally help drive visitors towards the right track, but it is not as simple as said since only when strategically used results prevail. Even though using broken links may be tricky, it is vital to deal with it smartly and efficiently.

6- Mobile Responsive

Formerly, it was not necessary to look for a mobile responsive website, but now ignoring this aspect can entirely ruin your business plan or objective. As professional designers at Visual Design Inc., we ensure that our clients’ website operates to perfection when their customers access it on their smartphones under our web design services. According to trends carried out today, most people or the marketed audience mostly access websites via their smart devices/ phones.


7- Complex Navigation

Complicated navigations can agitate and frustrate your customers. Once a visitor is on your web page, they maximum imply approximately 30 seconds to have a glance at the entire webpage. In such a case, if you have applied complicated navigation, there is a much higher chance that they would immediately exit from the website regardless of whether your services are good.


Many designers are with the notion to create a creative website while they end up designing a quite visually messy or unpleasant website. At Visual Design Inc., we have a clear understanding of where to draw the lines. We certainly do project creatively and visually appealing websites while highlighting the business’s message most effectively and grasping higher audience engagement. We best analyze and provide a responsive website design for you as we value all our clients in the highest regards and always intend to serve to their utmost purpose.

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