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A company logo has about three seconds to make a positive impression when first seen on a billboard, website, or brochure. Even if a cheetah can accelerate up to 60 km / h in that time, 3 seconds is only a very short time for us to let things affect us.

It means that the company logo must be unique, inspiring, exciting, interesting, colorful, powerful, and about a million other aspects in this short period of time if the potential customer is fascinated to come back to you or take a closer look at your company throw. It means that there is very little room for error whether the logo is being designed in-house or using a logo design service like Hire the World to come up with different ideas.

With such a large digital business environment in 2019 and such strong competition in almost every niche, it takes a lot of work and sometimes good luck to be able to stand out from the crowd.

This article takes advice from a wide variety of professional graphic designers to give a complete overview of what works and what doesn’t, and how to use best practices to create a great business logo.

Let’s get to the pieces of advice.

Ask the right questions

Whether you are a graphic designer or a customer, there should be a very basic understanding of what the logo represents, which attributes and ideas it should embody, and what type of fonts, colors, and graphics you want to portray. No matter which side of the relationship you are on, this is an integral step that ultimately affects the company’s design.

Create a design that is agile and flexible

There are many changes that continue to happen in the economy right now, and a company needs to be able to move with the times, or you will likely be able to watch the company fall behind.

Therefore, it can be beneficial to make some modifications to the logo that can be used on special occasions or for special events. Working with a minimalist logo with lots of white space can make a positive difference when your company attends a trade show in another city, partnerships with another company, or celebrates a special holiday. These additional logo elements can easily be incorporated and can be implemented with relatively little effort.

Building an inspiration board on Pinterest

Whether you’re a client or work for a client, create an inspiration board that you can use to collect images that you like and think would look good in the form of a logo or inspire goals to reach the current company.

This is also a great way for the graphic artist to get an idea and understand what is really important to you. It also makes it easier to select and define colors and shapes.

Write a creative brief

Hate to write! You probably won’t get around it. A proper briefing is essential. You should write at least 1-2 sentences about what the graphic implementation should be and express at the end of the creative process. You can generally proceed more openly and precisely with detail-oriented and already specifically define what you need.

Decide on a deeper meaning

If possible, bring a more profound meaning into the logo. It does not mean that it has to be a hidden message that only certain people can decipher, such as the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo.

I also like to work with symbols that match the industry. For example, suppose your company is called Larry’s Fish House, and you run a restaurant that specializes in the catch of the day, an icon of a fish could be added to the logo. To give it a little more meaning, use the H at the end of Fish and the H at the beginning of House to create a pair of creative double interpretations that can be interpreted as a restaurant greeting.

What is the importance of audiovisual content to represent your business logo?

Making videos for business has a real impact and is an emotional aspect for viewers; this task is not easy to fulfill. If your potential client hooks and talks about your audiovisual content with their closest circle or shared it on their social networks, then congratulations, you achieved the goal. Incorporating your business logo within the video content can highlight your logo and fits your audience’s mind.

In this context, statistics from Visual Design Inc. indicates in one of its reports that 79% of people have been convinced to buy software or application after watching the video of a brand. Why not use this resource if it is so effective to make your logo appealing and grow your business?

Move ahead and contact Visual Design Inc., a renowned and trustworthy logo design company, to get involved in growing your business now.

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