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The first impression counts! It only takes a few seconds for the brain to make a judgment, and there is no second chance. For this reason, the home page is without a doubt one of the most important pages on a website. To a certain extent, it is a virtual entrance door for companies. If the visitors do not like what they see, they almost reflexively click on the “Back” button.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done about it: Most people judge a website primarily by its design. Please note, graphic design within a website makes a good corporate identity.


But what distinguishes a good homepage design – apart from the text and content? Well, looks are not everything, the home page must also work well. That is why most of the examples of successful start pages on this list are not only visually convincing but also stand out, for example, through their cleverly used structure. However, any professional website design service provider in the USA can cope up with part of the design.


But before we get to the examples, let’s first review the home design best practices.


What is a good homepage?


You will see that our examples more or less fully implement the following points. Of course, not all of the pages are 100% perfect, but the designs listed here definitely get pretty much done right. Here are the most important elements of a great homepage:


1)The start page answers the questions “Who am I?”, “What am I doing?” And “What can visitors do here?”


Renowned brands or well-known companies (e.g., Coca-Cola) can of course save themselves such a declaration. But most companies should adhere to this rule so that visitors know if they are at the “right address”. The best Website Design service providers know what to do in such situations.

Steve Krug sums it up in his bestseller “Don’t make me think! Web Usability: The Intuitive Web” summarized as follows: If visitors do not recognize within seconds what your company is actually doing, then they will not stay on your website for long.


2) The homepage fits the target group


A homepage needs to be clearly focused and address the right people in their respective language. The best start pages forego technical gossip and don’t just talk about the bush.


3) The homepage contains a value proposition


When visitors land on your homepage, they need an incentive to stay. You must see that the site is well worth browsing further. The home page is the best place for the value proposition. Otherwise, there is a risk that potential customers will quickly leave your website and move on to the competitors.


4) The design is optimized for mobile devices


All of the home pages listed here are extremely user-friendly. That means: the navigation is simple and there are no “distracting” things like blinking banners, animations, pop-ups, or complicated, unnecessary elements that interfere with browsing. Many of these sites are also optimized for mobile devices, which is an absolute must in the modern mobile world.


5) There are calls-to-action (CTAs)


All of the home pages listed here effectively use primary and secondary calls-to-action to direct visitors to the next logical step. Examples of this are “Free Trial,” “Schedule Demo”, “Buy Now” or “Learn More”.


Don’t forget the goal of your homepage: you want visitors to be incentivized to click through your website and further guided through the marketing funnel. CTAs alert visitors to what to do next. This way you can avoid being overwhelmed or not knowing what to do next. Calls-to-action on your homepage is not just a nice accessory, they also boost your sales and lead generation. Website design service providers are conscious of these aspects and carefully use tools to gear up the CTAs.


6) The homepage is continuously updated


The best homepage isn’t always static. There are home pages – for example, Whitehouse.gov – that are constantly changing to respond to current needs, problems, and questions from visitors. Some home pages also change due to A / B testing or dynamic content.


7) The homepage has an attractive design overall


A well-designed page is important to build trust, convey the added value, and guide visitors to the next step. Website service providers know that how home pages effectively use a wide variety of elements and criteria that are all coordinated with one another, e.g., B. layout, CTA placement, whitespace, colors, fonts, and much more.


So now we come to our 16 examples of excellent home pages from real companies.


Inspiration for website designs: 14 all-round successful start pages


1)      Visual Design Inc.VisualDesignInc


Why this homepage convinced us:



2)      FreshBooks



Why this homepage convinced us:


3)      Airbnb

Airbnb at visualdesigninc


Why this homepage convinced us:


4)      Mint

Mint at visualdesigninc


Why this homepage convinced us:



5)      Dropbox (for private users)

Dropbox by Visual Design Inc


Why this homepage convinced us:



6)      Dropbox (for business)

dropboxforbusiness by visualdesigninc


Why this homepage convinced us:



7)      Rivers Smokehouse

Rivers Smokehouse by visual design inc


Why this homepage convinced us:



8)      Pediatric Therapy Services

Pediatric Therapy by Visual Design Inc


Why this homepage convinced us:



9)      Evernote

Evernote by visualdesigninc


Why this homepage convinced us:



10)  Telerik

Telerik by visualdesigninc


Why this homepage convinced us:


11)       Wedding

eWedding by visualdesigninc


Why this homepage convinced us:



12) Basecamp

basecamp by visualdesigninc


Why this homepage convinced us:



13) charity: water

charitywater by visualdesigninc


Why this homepage convinced us:



14) TechValidate

TechValidate by visualdesigninc


Why this homepage convinced us:


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